how to get a food bank card

NTFB Holiday Card Oh What Fun it is to Give! *Limited amount left* (Hover over to see inside of card) Spread holiday joy and raise awareness about hunger in North Texas by ... More

how to get google to search computer for an image

However, if there were a 0-day image format vulnerability and you happened to click an infected image in the search results, just using the inline preview could be enough to result in your computer … ... More

how to get a degree in neurology

Psychology, neurology, neuropsychology, or psychiatry degrees are all good places to start. Pursuing a cognitive neuroscience career also usually requires advanced degrees as well. For instance, most will go on to earn their ... More

how to get the r6 free weekend

Play Rainbow Six Siege for free this weekend and then buy it for cheap. If there’s one game that rules supreme during lunchtimes in the PCGN office it’s Rainbow Six Siege. ... More

assassins creed 2 how to kill uberto

... More

how to get the world 6 cannon on wii

I don't remember the level but if you know a place where you can ride Yoshies, at the end of it, there's a secret tunnel and then it leads to the cannon!. ... More

how to get unlimited gems in temple run 2

This Temple Run 2 Hack is very easy to use – after you enter a Cheat Code in the game you will get 99999 Coins and Gems for free. Also you can get more than 9999 Coins and Gems if you will use Temple Run 2 Hack one more time. If you don’t know how to enter a Cheat Code you can find a link to instruction which is below. ... More

how to fix a laser burnt xbox 360 disc

I'm pretty sure it's not a laser burn, the 360's DVD drive doesn't have a laser powerful enough to burn a ring into a disc, if it were that powerful, the laser would have burnt itself out first. ... More

how to find height with angle of elevation

tan(Sun Elevation) = (Height of the Object) / (Length of the shadow) The metadata of the image used here reports a Sun Elevation of 46.733, and the measured Length of the Shadow is 746.421 meters, so I calculate the Height of the Object to be 792.997 meters. ... More

how to find 45 of a number

29/09/2009 · Hi Nicole, % means, per-cent...per one hundred. Anytime you see a % sign, it means the decimal form can be understood as that number (in your case, 45) over 100. ... More

how to get rid of dry rough feet

18/03/2013 · Just rub it on the rough spots, rinse off and pat dry. This can be done if you don't have the time to really soak your feet. This can be done if you don't have the time to really soak your feet. Don't take long, hot showers or baths during the cold winter months, it actually can draw the moisture out of your feet. ... More

how to get better at softball pitching

Other than improving pitch velocity, the most common request I receive from softball athletes is to help them improve their running speed. Before I can give you the best exercises to increase running speed, I must redefine your perspective of running mechanics and what contributes to performance. ... More

how to know how many points are on your license

If you don't drive smart and drive safe, your chances of getting a ticket or being involved in a collision increase. You also increase your chances of losing your driver license. Tickets and accidents are assigned points. Each incident is assigned a point. Depending on the type of traffic ticket ... More

i lost my phone how to find it

11/08/2011 · i lost my phone i want to trace it back ... More

how to get blood out of clothes vanish

24/06/2010 Get to the spots immediately, wash the clothes in cold water only, I use tide and spray and wash the spots, wear rubber gloves if your hands are sensitive, rub the stains with a soft brush or rub the stains together after spraying them with the spray & ... More

how to find current location google api

15/09/2013 · Tutorial on how to show the current location of a user connected to internet on google maps. Use Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates of android device on google maps. Android reverse geo location api. ... More

ark how to find lan player

Disable the gradual (7 days) decay of player structures DayCycleSpeedScale: Specifies the scaling factor for the passage of time in the ARK, controlling how often day changes to night and night changes to day. The default value 1 provides the same cycle speed as the singleplayer experience (and the official public servers). Values lower than 1 slow down the cycle; higher values accelerate it ... More

how to give properties in obs

The properties of a field describe the characteristics and behavior of data added to that field. A field's data type is the most important property because it determines what kind of data the field can store. This article describes the data types and other field properties available in Access, and includes additional information in a detailed data type reference section. ... More

how to get personal loan with no income

One of the 1st steps in applying for personal loans involves producing documentation to verify the applicant’s income. RATE SEARCH: If you’re considering a personal loan , check the interest ... More

how to find wireless cameras

No matter what hidden cameras you want to detect, wired or wireless types, you can use this way to detect surveillance CCTV cameras in your car, in stores, in the living room, bedroom, at your home, etc. ... More

how to reference a book but dont know pages

If you found the image in a book, you will also need the author, title, publisher information, date, page, and figure or plate number of the reproduction. If you found the image online, you will need an access date, the web site address (URL), and, in some cases, an image ID number. ... More

how to look up dead people

Some of the old Victorian graves hold families of up to eight people. As those coffins decompose, the remains will gradually sink to the bottom of the grave and merge. The coffin at the bottom ... More

how to get kids to school

Mornings in our house used to be, for lack of a better term, hell. From the time my 7-year-old woke up until she went out the door with her backpack banging against her bottom 40 minutes later, I ... More

how to fly in minecraft creative mode

9/12/2012 If you go into creative mode you can fly by double tapping "A".in survival you can build a man cannon by using TNT, water, redstone, button. ... More

how to get a good gay anal

That’s how good anal sex is! Plus you have to combine with vaginal or clitoral stimulation for it to feel really good. Do you feel like getting a wax back there is "expected"? Woman A: Maybe ... More

how to get custom colours in free play rocket league

10/08/2016 · Link to download: https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague... More Links :): twitch: http://en-gb.twitch.tv/why_whynot skype: 10benjones steam: WhoTookBen ... More

how to make grass grow on dirt

How to grow greener grass magic bullet # 6. Test the soil pH level. Ideal pH level. Grasses like a pH level between 6 and 7.2. Grass grows best when it’s growing in the “pH happy zone.” If the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, the grass won’t thrive even if you do everything else right. So collect one tablespoon-size sample a couple of inches under the sod in three different places ... More

how to look shorter than you really are

Avoid Shorts and Short-Sleeved Shirts Short men are short because their limbs are smaller than those of their tall counterparts. Wearing clothing that draws attention to your limbs, especially if youre big or built, makes you look shorter because your limbs are proportionally more compact. Although not always practicalespecially in the summera man on the short side should consider ... More

how to fix attempting connection glitch unturned

If your current internet connection is poor, set up offline access. With offline access, you can view and edit your documents even without the internet. When you have internet access again, your documents will sync the latest changes. ... More

how to know if someone is a vampire

How To Tell If A Person Is An Energy Vampire. There are telltale signs that can clue you in if a person is an energy vampire. An aggressive energy-sucker tends to: manipulate and control; twist the conversation; not listen to your point of view; insist that he or she is right all the time; and incite a surge of emotions from you. When you've been in the company of one, you tend to feel ... More

how to make a spirt go to a random postion

The trial option is available only when you make a booking at Spirit.com, and the membership benefits will go into effect on your next online purchase with us. You will see the trial selection on the Purchase page and can opt in before you confirm your reservation. The trial gives you a “sneak preview” into all of the exclusive club savings available to $9 Fare Club members so that you can ... More

how to find a slide error

Error codes can be a nightmare to decipher because they sometimes appear to be written in an alien language that you have no chance of understanding within the… ... More

how to get pearl jam tickets

Pearl Jam Tickets. This Seattle rock band consisting of members Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mike McCredy and Matt Cameron, Pearl Jam emerged in the midst of ... More

how to get rid of a large stomach

5/01/2009 · Best Answer: well crunches are one of the best ways to lose weight in the belly area, it also develops your abs. another way you can lose a round belly is by going for a walk or going on a exercise bike. it is important to have regular exercise to burn off fat. all the fatty foods you eat contain high energy, unless you burn ... More

how to learn math facts fast

You wont want to miss my interview with JK Mergens, creator of the Learn Math Fast System, on The Homeschool Sanity Show. Youll learn why your child struggles with multiplication, tips for keeping math simple, and more! ... More

how to look for moisture under paint car

Auto detailing can be a great way to bond with your car, and to make your automotive investment go farther, last longer and look better. Hopefully these Top Secrets of the Auto Detailers will help ... More

how to get from hilton gatwick to south terminal

The Hilton Hotel Gatwick is part of the south terminal complex at Gatwick with walkways connecting the hotel to the passenger terminals and bus and train stations. From the South Terminal there is a free monorail that goes every few minutes to the North Terminal. ... More

how to get charming imp fast

"It’s time to get moving and get to work. You know what your to do list looks like. You know what your goals are. But ugh. You just don’t feel like it. So instead of hopping online to tackle your entrepreneurial duties, you wind up lost on the interwebs, browsing cat pictures and celebrity gossip…" ... More

how to fix flash player on google chrome

Wikiamonks help you with information that will make your life easier + 1-888-625-3905 info@wikiamonks.com ... More

how to get ark survival

Watch video · A newly released mod for Ark: Survival Evolved adds Pokemon to the popular dinosaur game. The full conversion mod is appropriately enough … ... More

how to find an outlier in a set of data

In order to be an outlier, the data value must be: larger than Q3 by at least 1.5 times the interquartile range (IQR), or smaller than Q1 by at least 1.5 times the IQR. ... More

how to go underwater in club penguin

22/01/2010 Club Penguins Dig Event started today, so head to the Mine to get started! Collect a Hard Hat to get into the Secret Cave. Once youre in, it may be dark, so throw snowballs at the machine to light the place up. ... More

how to find out why flight is delayed

13/11/2017 · Ryanair are claiming my flight was delayed due to adverse weather. However, their crew advised us on the day that it was due to a technical fault with the aircraft and they had to fly another aircraft in to Liverpool from Manchester in order to fulfil our flight. ... More

how to get health insurance with part time job

It’s not as common for part-time employees or for employees of small businesses. Here’s how it works. When you get a job that comes with health insurance benefits, you have a limited period of time to sign up for the health insurance your employer offers. If you don’t sign up before the deadline, you’ll have to wait until the next annual ... More

how to get free petrol in india

A petrol fuel pump is pictured at a station in New Delhi on January 16, 2013. Petrol price was hiked late January 15 night by about 35 paise per litre in line with firming raw material cost. ... More

how to get focus warframe

Some people put tape on their lens’ focus rings after they focus – just remember to keep checking focus throughout the night; don’t get lazy!) Personally, when I am using Live View to focus on stars, I rock focus back and forth at least 5-10 times right near the stars, to … ... More

how to listen to iphone 8 in car

You can play music from your iPhone through a sound system, providing entertainment for parties or for your own listening enjoyment. The iPhone's audio jack can drive a stereo amplifier's auxiliary input. When you connect your iPhone to a stereo, the amplifier and speakers can fill the room you're in with music. An audio adapter cable, costing only a few dollars, connects the iPhone to the ... More

how to fix arma 3 out of memory

yeah, I got the same memory leak as well, I cant even setup singleplayer scenarios and play them without the game crashing and showing a memory error, but I can play those scenarios in the editor without a issue, trying to close the game now takes forever since the new update, I get stuck witha white screen, then after about 10 minutes of waiting I finally get back to the launcher. I hope they ... More

how to fix my play store

Rather than doing a factory reset as the first attempt to fix the Play Store, in the Settings, find the Applications Manager and perhaps try deleting the Play Store cache and then restarting the phone. ... More

how to get rid of mosquito bites on eyelid

14/12/2018 Fortunately, there are some things you can try to help reduce the swelling and get rid of mosquito bites as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that some home remedies for treating mosquito bites aren't proven to be ... More

how to get wax out of hair

We all know that typing ’how to get wax out of hair’, or ’getting wax out of hair’ is not one of the Google searches we are most proud of, and it’s certainly not one of the most fun activities in … ... More

how to get rid of gastro in the house

If you do not own any pets or do not have children, you can use these products listed right to get rid of ants immediately. -----> 29) Ant traps: In your home, you can place ant bait traps. If you want to get rid of ants in the house, these traps are the best under sinks and trash cans. ... More

how to find the one

“ Findmyshift is a fantastic online tool that gives me clear visibility of all of our cinemas' schedules through one easy website. ... More

how to find mazimum velocity

A Car on a Level Surface. All forces on the car are vertical, so no horizontal force can be generated. A Car on a Banked Turn. The normal force on the car due to the road is no longer vertical, so a component of the normal force acts in the horizontal direction. ... More

how to train bladder to hold urine longer

Small amounts of urine are emptied into your bladder every 10 to 15 seconds. You feel the need to go when your bladder is about half full. You feel the need to go when your bladder is about half full. ... More

how to get a jacaranda to flower

Jacaranda trees tend to be more spread out in a oval shape so keep an invisible shape in your head, allowing room for the tree trunk at the base. The idea is to do this in layers (as pictured below). The first 3 pictures (L to R) are different layers of dots made with the … ... More

how to fix resource temporarily unavailable mulesoft linux servers

The combination of Docker Enterprise and the Mulesoft Anypoint integration platform will enable organizations to more easily bring apps old and new into containers. Docker Inc. announced a series ... More

how to clean a betta fish tank properly

Betta fish, one of the most popular types of pet fish, can live for several years if they get proper attention and a healthy environment. Read on to find out the ... More

how to get rid of burn blisters without popping them

Home Misc 8+ Ways to Get Rid of Blisters on Feet or Hands September 17, 2018 Editorial Staff Blisters are pimple-like bumps on the skin that contain a clear fluid in them… ... More

how to get rid of invasive bamboo

Bamboo Invasiveness and Control Statement If you must remove unwanted bamboo, the only truly effective way to get rid of it is to dig it out. The ABS does not recommend using chemicals to kill bamboo because of the potential for ... More

how to grow asparagus in ohio

Growing Asparagus: Step-by-step Guide for Growing Asparagus, from buying plants, to bed sizing & prep, to actual growing We will be putting in an asparagus bed somewhere - it is a perennial so it will need a permanent home -Step by step, year by year, how to grow asparagus ... More

how to get 100 followers on twitter instantly

The system will now find the best authentic followers for your Twitter account. There will be a few steps as it tries to connect to the Twitter server and validates the session. Just hang on and wait until it goes to the next page by itself. ... More

how to find hp laptop model number in windows 7

Settings (Windows 10) Windows Settings gives you the option to adjust your brightness and enable or disable your auto brightness. Open the Action Center and click All Settings. Open the Action Center and click All Settings. ... More

how to get into change management

Rather than being expected to adjust to a management-led change, the team was encouraged to own this new way of working through a structured change management process (Lewin, 1951). Reason for change The team of seven community nurses sees housebound patients, ... More

how to find hourly rate of pay from weekly

Understanding your pay you’ll need to work out your average hourly rate over a 12-week period to work out your weekly pay. Add up your total pay for the 12 weeks first. You can include ... More

how to get on dubstep gutter

Dubstep Gutter: Free Android app (4.6 ★, 1,000+ downloads) → welcome to dubstepgutter android application. welcome to dubstepgutter android application, in this... User-friendly ads for your Android app Monetize with the AppBrain SDK Check it out ... More

how to get to noto from siracusa

Get directions from your current location Directions to Via Ivrea (Siracusa) with public transportation Click on a route to get updated schedules, live arrivals and step-by-step directions. ... More

airbnb how to get started

Airbnb's and short-term letting provide a great alternative to traditional hotel-style lodgings. When and Where in London is good for short-term letting? London is an immensely popular city to visit all year round so the demand for vacation rental properties is very high. ... More

school days mdickie how to get a girlfriend

Had enough bloody zombies for one day? Ready to dig some serious cute? Come on over to the classy side with girl games on AddictingGames! Of course, we have lots of dress-up games like Make Me Over and Addicting DressUp. ... More

how to get 1920x1080 resolution on laptop

If your laptop is primarily for gaming, I would get the highest resolution screen you can afford with at least a resolution of 1920x1080, with the performance that can back up 1920x1080 at native. ... More

how to leave fire cement before use

By using the protection period specified here, combined with the minimum temperature in Table 5.1, you can be assured the concrete will be ready to handle the rigors of cold weather. But, as you remove the protection, be careful to let the concrete cool slowly to prevent cracking from thermal shocks. ... More

how to get price from cost and margin

20/01/2006 · Say I have a cost of $10.00, and I need the formula to calculate a 40% margin from retail. So the retail should end up at $16.67. Not sure how to get from $10.00 to $16.66, I just know the cost and the margin I need to make. Thanks JR ... More

tf2 how to get contact yellow start

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Competitive Cooldowns and Bans Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cooldowns and bans are non-negotiable and cannot be removed or reduced by Steam Support. If an automated cooldown or ban is determined to have been issued incorrectly, it will automatically be rolled back by our servers. ... More

how to get moiras acheivements

Cash to kee p Moira’s kids active MO I Shire is encouraging kids to get out of the car and onto their feet by walking to school this October. ... More

learn how to female ejaculate

From the WebMD Archives About 10% of women have never had an orgasm -- either with a partner or during masturbation . And quite a few of them have found their way into my therapy practice. ... More

how to get xposeed hidden

30/06/2014 · http://ThinkRich123.com--- Go Here Now To Discover The Secret On How To Get Rich. Certain Regulations Of The Science On How To Get Rich The Experiment of Self-Help ... More

how to help a hoarder get rid of things

Ha ha I consider myself a ‘collector’ rather than a hoarder, but sometimes things do get a little out of hand! We recently had to help my father move house and were shocked to realise that he is a true hoarder, I mean he could easily feature on that show. It took months and months to get through everything and you could see how much it pained him to through anything out. ... More

overwatch how to get a name with ton

In barely more than a year, Overwatch has outpaced gaming mainstays such as Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield to become one of the most popular shooters on the planet. ... More

how to help peple from different cutures

Cultural competence, in brief, is the ability to interact effectively with people from different cultures. This ability depends on awareness of one’s own cultural worldview, knowledge of other cultural practices and worldviews, tolerant attitudes towards cultural differences, and cross-cultural skills. ... More

how to clean fish poop from sand

Type of fish, such as fish that naturally produce more waste (partly due to the type of food they eat) such as goldfish where one fish per 8+ gallons of water is better. Also a large and dirty fish such as an Oscar is another good example. ... More

how to make lemon sauce to eat with fish

Lemon dill pasta. I have been obsessing with this sauce for the last week. I have used it for fish, salads and now this lemon dill pasta recipe that was nothing but sensational. ... More

how to find and add groups to whatsapp

Its very easy!! First of all, save your whatsapp number in your contacts list. After a while, go to contacts, locate your number and you will be able to see the whatsapp message button below your contact Like this: Now click on message button and ... More

how to get rid of dark spots from shaving underarms

How do you get rid of dark armpits from shaving? The easiest option is to minimize the use of deodorants, which you can do by opting for natural body mists. Another good, long term option is to swap your normal deo for an all-natural option thats free of gunk like parabens, aluminum, artificial fragrance and other irritants. ... More

how to find out my numerology number

26/08/2015 · Numerology is the usage of numbers and number combos in prophecy. Each number corresponds to a definition. Each number corresponds to a … ... More

how to get into hidden wifi networks

Connect to a Hidden WiFi Network with Android I got a new 5th Gen Airport Extreme for Christmas and went about setting up my local network again. I decided to run the wireless network as closed/hidden so that the SSID isn’t broadcast. ... More

how to grow an onion from a sprouting onion

Regardless of its different varieties, all onions belong to the genus Allium. This page is about the dry bulbing onion species, Allium cepa. Other onion species are leeks, scallions, garlic and shallots. ... More

how to get rid of aphids naturally on kale

1/07/2015 Some kale pests that you might encounter are; Aphids, Flea beetles, Caterpillars and Whiteflies. I show you two of these that I have an issue with on my kale ... More

how to find the leaseholder of a property

The leaseholder applying for the freehold title will also need to ensure that all other leaseholders within the property are in agreement with the decision. This may prove a problem too, especially if some freeholders have been more than happy to plod along without taking any responsibility for the building. ... More

how to get shinny charm sun

The Shiny Charm is a key item that you can obtain in the game. This item increases the chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon from 1/1024 to 1/683. The probability is still vert low, but having this key item can make the process faster. In the original Sun and Moon games, you can get the Shiny Charm at the Game Freak office in Heahea City. You need to speak to the game directory after ... More

how to not fall in love with everyone

Since our love map is created subconsciously, we may not understand exactly why we fall in love with the person we do. As a result, we view love as a mystery and often attribute it to destiny. However, this is not … ... More

how to give feedback to senior consultant

Chris O’Connell, CEO of Timothy James Consulting says, “We always give feedback over the phone. The benefits of this method are that it allows for a detailed breakdown and allows the candidate the opportunity to ask questions. The downsides is that a face-to-face approach can be seen as more personal, although constructive comments can be harder to take face-to-face, hence our preference ... More

how to find an expected value

The expected value of an exponential random variable with parameter is The probability above can be computed by using the distribution function of : The book Most of the learning materials found on this website are now available in a traditional textbook format. ... More

how to make concrete stepping stones that look like pillows

Adding a stone path to your yard or garden can add charm, instantly. There’s a lot of tutorials for making your own stepping stones with concrete molds, and of course there are always the store-bought kinds, as well. ... More

how to get vaslue from assoc array

12/01/2006 · home > topics > php > questions > can i get the value from an assoc array that is returned by a function...in one statement? + Ask a Question. Need help? Post your question and get tips & solutions from a community of 423,858 IT Pros & Developers. It's quick & easy. Can I get the value from an assoc array that is returned by a function...in one statement? P: n/a lwoods. I want to be … ... More

how to grow dwarf fruit trees from seed

Please see our video where we demonstrate how to use it. We think there are 2 essential tools for growing Fruit Trees. 1st is secateurs and the 2nd is this Dwarfing Tool. Uses - Dwarfing - Forcing plants to fruit quicker. - Fruiting outside of seasonal times - Alternating branches to fruit every 2nd year. The technique of cincturing or girdling fruit trees is a complicated topic that we try to ... More

how to grow ginger in perth

... More

how to help high suger

High stress = high cortisol = high blood sugar and inflammation. Attention to adrenal support may be necessary. Cortisol is a primary hormone involved in blood sugar regulation, and if it’s too high or too low, you won’t have efficient blood sugar control. ... More

how to prepare oatmeal water to lose weight

How to Prepare and Eat Oatmeal for Weight Loss. by Nikitha · Published April 27, 2016 · Updated April 28, 2016. Oats are delicious and also known to be one of the super foods that is good for your health. Oats are rich sources of soluble fiber and this is of great benefit for those who want to lose weight and achieve a well toned and shapely body. The fiber contained in oats creates a gel ... More

how to get from victoria falls to harare

Compare Harare - Victoria Falls airfare on regular flights, low cost flights or charter flights and find the best flight to Victoria Falls with Jetcost. Book your Victoria Falls round-trip flight, Victoria Falls low cost flight , charter flight at the best price. ... More

how to get a job at toyota

The final stages prior to job offer include an Interview and the Work Related Reference Checks. In the Interview stage, representatives from manufacturing and human resources team will gather additional information about your responses on the application. As well, they will ask you behavioural questions to assess your fit within the TMMC environment. While attending your interview, you will be ... More

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how to get rid of grain beetles

How To Get Rid Of Weevils Many people have found that weevils have been a problematic issue around the kitchen. Grains, such as flour and rice are those kinds of food which are often infested by weevilsa very small species of beetles with size not more than ? inch.

how to save local folders live mail 2012

You can still access the folder from the Mail app by choosing More to display a list of all your folders. If you want to delete a folder you created, you can choose Delete . The folder and all mail within that folder will be deleted.

how to get bodily fluids out of car seats

secretions, and other body fluids of people who have hepatitis B and is contracted through direct contact with infected blood or bodily fluids of an infected person.

pokemon planet how to get to johto

Pokémon Planet is a free-to-play Pokémon MMO. Battle and play with your friends in real time! Battle and play with your friends in real time! Add media Report RSS Johto …

how to get rid of a lower eye twitch

In many cases only one of your eyes will be affected, so you may have left eye twitching or right eye twitching. Usually only the lower eyelid of your right or left eye is involved, but sometimes the upper eyelid can also twitch.

how to get your first b2b client

The internet has changed B2B marketing forever. In the old days, finding new B2B clients was all about who you knew. Today, B2B companies can market to businesses halfway around the world with the press of a button. But, there’s a big difference between marketing your B2B business online and

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Northern Ireland: Bangor NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Belfast NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 8H3

Scotland: Paisley SCO, Dundee SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Hamilton SCO, Dunfermline SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 4B9

Wales: Barry WAL, Neath WAL, Newport WAL, Newport WAL, Cardiff WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 5D3